On Friday, November 21st the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency is hosting UT Austin’s 2nd Startup Job Fair. The fair will be open from 9AM until Noon in the SAC Ballroom on campus. This is a great opportunity to connect with a number of growing startups in Austin, TX and initiate the conversation about joining these startups teams. If you haven’t registered for the fair, you may do so at UTLEA.org/jobfair. Otherwise, please see the list below of startups that are currently registered for the fair.



Looking for: Customer Experience, Marketing and Course Creation

Aceable is focused on un-sucking required education.  Starting with drivers ed, Aceable has created a state-approved, customer focused, mobile platform that teaches students all they need to know in a manner that doesn’t suck… it’s actually engaging and informative.  Once we conquer drivers ed, we’ll move to other verticals such as OSHA training and Real Estate continuing education.


Looking for: Spring/Summer Interns in Social Media and Internet Marketing, Front-end Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer and General Software Engineer

Coming into a new environment for the first time is a stressful experience for millions of college students every year. AskU builds communities at campuses across the country, collect people’s experiences so every student can focus on the things that matter to them. We’re looking for students with the marketing or technical talent necessary to help us take AskU to every campus in the country.
Our team is highly technical, and many of our engineers have industry experience from companies like Google. We move fast, build quickly, and are always trying to find creative new solutions to our challenges. Our technology includes a powerful software stack that runs our numerous communities, an in-house data pipeline for analyzing millions of user events built on open source technologies, and high-performance JavaScript interfaces used by thousands of students every day.



Looking for: Web Developers

ATXware is a Software and Hardware lab for creating products and services at the intersection of Health and Technology.

Our first project is in Stealth, it is Well funded and has two gigantic clients. The project is a health information exchange sofware for Personalizing the World’s Medical Information.

Our customers are also our investors. Initially, there will be no guess work, mainly we’re just ensuring HIPAA standards for the Medical Data so our customers can access everything they need through our platform. Bottom-line, If you want to be a part of something truly meaningful – let us know, There will be many openings – never too late to evaluate.

Accordion Health

Looking for: FT Web Developer, PT Web Developer, FT Designer, Marketing Intern, FT Sales and FT Public Relations

We develop software solutions to enable efficient marketplaces.


Looking for: Senior Developer: Data and Analytics, Senior .Net Developer, Web Developer and Success Coordinator

We are balcony.com, a peer-to-peer referral platform for REALTORS®.  We allow agents to connect with each other and send business to one another.

Civitas Learning

Looking for: Product Managers, Partnerships, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Client Success Manager

By building a community of forward-thinking higher education institutions, Civitas Learning™ brings together the best of new technology, design thinking,and data science in its mission to help one million more college students learn well and finish strong. We are already partnering with more than 40 partner institutions and systems in higher education that enroll more 1.5 million students.

Using a cloud-based, predictive analytics platform and engaging applications, Civitas Learning brings deep insights to decision makers, and personalized, real-time recommendations directly to the frontlines of education to help faculty and advisors design learner interventions that will measurably improve student learning, persistence, and graduation.

We  are looking for insanely talented people who want to jump in and roll up their sleeves with us to make it all happen. Visit http://civitaslearning.com/careers to see our current opportunities in data science, engineers of all breed


Looking for: Software Developers (front/back end), Business/Marketing Interns and Administrative Assistant

The world has moved beyond text. Every day there is more audio and video recorded than was recorded in the entire 20th century. Unfortunately, these media files are only occasionally sorted, rarely organized, and at best have a short text description. And generally the text is.. lacking.

At Clarify, our mission is to improve human communication.

Using our self-service API, any application can easily submit audio and video files for analysis. We perform sophisticated signal processing, automated speech recognition, and natural language processing to turn this unstructured information into actionable data. The first step is search. Using our API, we can tell you – down to the millisecond – where each word is said in the audio.

Coder Vox Logo_4

Looking for: Software Engineer, Web Development, Sales, Marketing and Advertising

Coder Vox is a 12 week programming bootcamp located in Austin, TX. The course teaches PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, and other technologies used by professional web developers.

Our students learn the fundamentals of programming/web development, and gain the skills that employers are looking for. Our bootcamp-style course is fun, immersive, and engaging.

Students learn from professional software developers and meet smart classmates who will keep them focused and challenged. At the end of the course, they will build web applications and have strong portfolios to show to companies.


Looking for: Programmers and Business Development

Comfy is a mobile app and website that helps students find apartments.

Freestyle Language Center

Looking for: Interns (unpaid) in Social Media, Marketing and Sales

A local Austin small business, formed nearly 3 years ago, Freestyle is successfully revolutionizing language learning!  With our own unique 21st c. curriculum and methodology, (adult) students can start and/or continue mastering French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese with us.  Our model boasts frequent practice in relevant fun social settings.


Looking for: UX Engineer, API Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Civic Growth Manager

GivePulse is a civic network mobilizing people to serve and solve complex social disparities. As a University of Texas partner, we provide a portal for the whole campus to identify areas to help the Central Texas community. At the same time, we work with non-profit community partners to leverage the human capital of faculty, staff and students while capturing the social impact of their time, talent and treasure. We have this one mission that guides us: Transform everyone into engaged citizens for social impact



Looking for: Software Engineers and Sales

Our team of customer service and technology experts is setting out to build the next generation of customer service software. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to delight your customers at enterprise scale.



Looking for: Interns

JamFeed (JF) is a music news aggregation platform. JFallows fans and artists/bands/festivals to connect more effectively by sending breaking news (song/video/album/tour/lineup releases) directly to the user’s mobile device through mobile push notifications. Currently artists, managers, and festival companies are using email or traditional social media and are struggling to reach their entire audience through these channels. We allow each of these groups to essentially text message their fans on any big news stories they want them to know about, creating a much stronger touching point directly to the user. JF also allows users to read news, watch videos, stream music, and buy concert tickets all within one application.


Looking for: Sofware Engineer, Mobile/Web App Devloper, Hybrid & Native Tech Developer, UI/UX Engineer, Video Production / Post Specialist

Learn the songs you love directly from the original artists with easy-to-use, brilliant interactive technology. That’s right, THE artists. The GRAMMY winning, stadium and concert hall performing artists we idolize and love to listen to. LiveShed harnesses innovative technology in viewership, interactive UX, and adaptive guidance to optimize the learning experience like never before.

Main Street Hub

Sales Development Program

Main Street Hub is the voice for more local businesses than any other company, helping create thriving local economies. As Inc. Magazine’s 73rd Fastest Growing Company in 2014, we help local businesses grow their reputation and their business through our innovative, do-it-for-you online marketing solution. We were also recently named the #1 in the Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50 list of the fastest growing companies in Austin.

Our proprietary technology is the backbone of our “do-it-for-you” approach, and one of the key reasons we’re able to achieve results for our customers that outperform industry averages by 500%. Our application was built with one thing in mind — to help local businesses succeed online.  Through technology, creativity, and service, we proactively manage their online conversations and grow their business at a price they can afford.

Our team and culture enables our rapid growth and creates a #HubLife for over 300 team members working in Austin, New York, Los Angelos.


Looking for: Software Developer, Web Developer, IT/Industrial Marketing and Electronics Design

Develop iPad/iPhone-based instruments, hardware and Apps  for manufacturing, measurement, vibration monitoring and power industries.


Looking for: Sr. Back End Web Developer, Web App Developer, Support Specialist

ParLevel Systems was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing vending machine operators with powerful tools that would give them full control of their business. The idea came about after listening to a vending operator who expressed frustration at not knowing what was going on inside his machines. After an extensive research, the team realized that this was a massive problem in the industry, because existing solutions were unaffordable, very hard to use, and had unreliable customer support. ParLevel’s team ventured to create its own product, focusing on these challenges and coming up with the friendliest solution out there – from implementation, to daily operation, support, and pricing.
The company is based in the heart of San Antonio, TX, where it manages its operations.


Looking for: Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Graphic Designers and Customer Support

Patient IO was created by Filament Labs in Austin, TX.

Patient IO is a care plan delivery platform, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver tasks, content & reminders to any patient touch point. Patient IO is designed to be a drop-in solution for care plan delivery for disease management organizations.

Care teams use the Patient IO web dashboard to manage care plans & content for their population, with the ability to personalize to per-patient level. Patients consume care plans using the Patient IO iOS app, Android app, or directly from their email inbox. Population engagement is tracked in the Patient IO dashboard, giving care teams analytics to improve care plan design over time.

Patient IO is HIPAA compliant and developer friendly, with a full suite of customer-facing APIs available to support deep integration with existing software.


Looking for: Marketing, Business Development, Product Development and Product Delivery

PotentiaSystems provides cloud-based big data and advanced analytics products to tackle some of humanity’s most challenging problems. Our mission is to provide independent and trusted actionable insight – to uncover what works, for whom, under what circumstances and the tradeoffs.  Our vision is to transform the status quo through empowering our customers while reshaping their industries with new insights. To realize this vision we are currently focusing our products on three high value industries: PotentiaMED improves patient outcomes, PotentiaFIT reshapes and invigorates wellness analytics, and PotentiaPRO helps professional sports teams reach the next level of fan engagement and athlete performance.


Looking for: Marketing Interns

For commercial real estate professionals and tenants who need reliable information, RealMassive is the next generation data provider that delivers open access to the commercial real estate marketplace. Unlike traditional data providers, RealMassive empowers users with direct control over accurate data and real-time insight. We are currently serving the Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Antonio markets and are working to expand to new markets across the nation. For more information on RealMassive, visit www.RealMassive.com


Looking for: Business Development, Sales and Marketing

Kayak of the Sharing Economy


Looking for: Inside Sales and Computer Programmer

SnapTrends™ brings a unique and powerful patented cloud-based SaaS solution, delivering location based social media
intelligence. SnapTrends™ enables organizations to identify and understand the conversations and trends behind social
media posts and the people who drive them, all within the context of location. This allows organizations to make more
informed decisions and take more effective actions.


Looking for: Developers and Data Scientists

Customer Service That Works

At StepOne, we understand the passion customers can feel when frustrated with a product’s technical problems, a billing question, or an implementation snafu. We’ve been there many times ourselves.

Our mission is to reimagine and revolutionize self-service. We’re creating more positive and effective experiences by leveraging key technology trends like the ubiquity of smartphones, dramatically improved access to customer context, the explosion of online help content and the maturation of big data and predictive analytics.

Iron Yard

Looking for: General Startup Employee

TIY offers 3 month intensive courses that prepare students for a career in programming or web design.

VChain Solutions

Looking for: LAMP Coders(3), Business Development Director, UX Designer, Supply Chain Simulation Analysts(3), Director of Sales and Marketing, Technical Writer, Executive Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing Associates

Supply Chain Simulation Software Provider that trains users in supply chain job skills using a revolutionary technology that connects users to a virtual supply chain world.


Looking for: Marketing intern, Software Engineering intern, FT Software Engineer and FT Jr. Marketing Manager

We connect college students with Austin’s fastest growing companies.

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