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Design Control

Use advanced typography and color control to fine tune your design with point and click simplicity.

Page-by-Page Options

Want to do something totally unique? PageLines offers options for almost everything in an intuitive and easy to use format.

The PageLines Store

Buy and sell drag and drop sections, plugins and themes. The first ever “app-store” for web design.

Drag & Drop Design

Welcome to a professional WordPress framework by PageLines. Designed for you in San Francisco, California.

Freshman Founders Connection Challenge

Point System:

10pts – Picture with CEO and/or Co-founder of an Austin Startup
10pts – Written profile of Austin Startup
-1 founder/employee quote
-1 relevant picture
-13 sentence blog post.
5pts – Get business card and send follow-up email to ATX Startup Week event attendee.
5pts – Picture at Austin startup/incubator office space
5pts – ATX Startup Week / Austin Startup Swag (5pts/per unique swag acquisition)

In order to claim a prize students have to complete a Payee Information Form (PIF) and show a picture ID. This form is completed for every student who receives even in-kind prizes. The form includes obtaining their SSN and goes to accounting for tax reporting purposes. If for some reason the student can not complete a PIF, then they are automatically ineligible for the prize. Any type of prize (even in-kind) can affect any Financial Aid package the student/recipient may potentially be receiving.