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UT Entrepreneurship Portal Now Live

Some of you who’ve been involved with LEA or around the startup community may have heard that we’ve been developing a portal of entrepreneurial resources from all around Austin for UT students. The goal of this portal is to bring together the many different organizations and programs that may be of use to student entrepreneurs, in one cohesive and up-to-date place. This plays into our core missions of connecting student entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful, and providing a central hub for the vast student entrepreneur community at UT.

We’ve added this link to our main navigation, or you can click the button below to check it out.

We’d love to get feedback from the community on this endeavor. If you have any comments, or experience any technical difficulties, please email me at .

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LEA Community Calendar open to any startup event in Austin

Are you the organizer of an event that might be of interest to young entrepreneurs? We’d love you to share your events with us so we can promote them on our community calendar – It is LEA’s priority to help organize and grow the startup community at UT-Austin. Great startup events happen everyday in Austin, so we need help collecting all the event information!

We want to engage as many organizations as possible, so we can promote as many events as possible.

[pl_button type=”success” link=”” size=”large”]Submit events to and we’ll post them promptly![/pl_button]


Freshman Founders application extended

Yesterday, as many of y’all made us aware of, the service we used for the Freshman Founders application was broken. Making the application unavailable. It was disheartening to see a 4x increase in traffic to matched by a single new Freshman Founders application on the last day to apply. We need to rectify this loss.

The Freshman Founders application deadline is extended until tomorrow morning, Friday, September 13th, at 10am.

Please inform any incoming students you may know. Its super important.

Anyone with questions may send us an email at

Mentors announced for LEA Freshman Founders

As the application for our new Freshman Founders Program comes to a close this Wednesday, September 11th, we’d like to reveal the amazing mentors our Freshman Founders will be guided by throughout the program. Freshman Founders, part of UT-Austin’s new 360Connections Program,  is meant to engage incoming students in the Austin and Longhorn startup communities through a series of interactive, networking seminars. The mentors will help students develop entrepreneurial opportunities at each seminar and through one-on-one meetings.


John Arrow, Founder and CEO of Mutual Mobile

John was featured on Forbes’ “Most Promising CEOs under 35” for founding Mutual Mobile, the world’s largest mobile consulting firm. Before leaving school to grow Mutual Mobile in 2010, John studied on the 40 acres himself. John is passionate about growing the startup culture at UT and wishes he had resources like Freshman Founders as a freshman at UT.


Dr. Bob Metcalfe, UT-Austin Director of Innovation

Inventor of the ethernet and founder of 3Com, Dr. Metcalfe joined UT as Director of Innovation for the engineering school to convince students to partake in “startupery”.  At UT-Austin, he has been instrumental in the creation of the Longhorn Startup Program and the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency. After leaving 3Com, Dr. Metcalfe was head editor at InfoWorld and also practiced venture capital for 10 years in Boston.

Dr. Christina White, Director of the UT-Austin Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Dr. White brings her experience of helping students take ideas to invention.  The Grand Challenge Scholars Program is academic and extra-curricular program that prepares students to solve society’s largest problems of the 21st century. Dr. White received her PhD in Engineering Education from Columbia University, and was also the lead inventor on a patent for assistive guitar playing technology.

Cortney Hope, Founder and CEO of Jellifi

Cortney’s second company, Jellifi. is an online event planning marketplace. Before Jellifi, she started Capital Surf, Snow and Skate, which she sold before starting Jellifi. Cortney was also recently featured on MTV TrueLife: “I’m Starting a Business with my Friends.”

Keith Casey, Developer Evangelist for Twilio

Founder of CaseySoftware, Keith has strong technical, as well as business, skills. Keith now works for Twilio, a cloud communications company, where he does many things ranging from supporting customers, advising startups, to cofounding meetups such as AustinAPI and NoSQL.