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Freshman Founders

Applications for the 2015-2016 Freshman Founders program are now LIVE! Apply now!

Deadline is September 6th at 5pm, and interviews start September 7th.


Incoming UT student? Want to start a company while you’re in college? Check out our Freshman Founders Program!

The Freshman Founders Program is a way to introduce incoming students to the UT and Austin entrepreneurial community. This immersive experience for incoming, entrepreneurial students at UT Austin will take place from September 2015 until March 2016. As a part of UT-Austin’s broader Campus Life 360 initiative, this program is managed by the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency. Freshman Founders is divided into two tracks: the Event Series and Launchpad.

The Event Series is open to all incoming students interested in gaining knowledge of entrepreneurship. The Event Series will host monthly events along with a mentorship program through Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency to help connect the incoming students to the resources and startup community on The Forty Acres and in the greater Austin area.

The Launchpad is a selective program for students ready to launch a venture their first semester on The 40 Acres. Bi-monthly Launchpad workshops will create a learning community amongst the group of student CEOs and an environment where they can focus on their holistic venture creation strategy.



As part of Campus Life 360 Connections, the Freshman Founders program will help first-year students integrate socially, academically and developmentally to ensure their knowledge of available resources and expertise of entrepreneurship on The 40 Acres and in the Greater Austin Area.

Interested in joining Freshman Founders? Email us at



We’ve compiled a list of books and websites we believe would be helpful to entrepreneurs, whether they discuss entrepreneurship or not.


All books on this list have been read and recommended by members of the LEA. Let us know what you think about them!

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
This book is often considered a must-read in entrepreneurship circles. Ries outlines a basic business formation process that can be applied to almost any startup.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
In The Tipping Point, Gladwell discusses the causes behind massive societal movements – many of which can be applied to businesses.

Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath
Excellent read, especially for a person with any interest in marketing. The tagline describes the book pretty well: “Why some ideas survive and others die.”



Here are a few sites we recommend that can help you educate yourself on topics as simple as idea creation or as complex as venture capital funding.
This website, which also has a popular magazine in circulation, is a great place to look for basic information if you aren’t too familiar with startups.
Inc, like Entrepreneur, is a popular magazine but provides a broader subject range of business articles and news. For startup-related content, see the “Start-Up” section of this site.
VentureBeat focuses on technology companies and trends within the tech industry, with a focus on how these trends may affect business owners, executives, innovators, and investors.




Here’s a brief list of undergraduate- & graduate-level classes specifically geared towards students interested in entrepreneurship.
If you believe any classes should be added to the list, please email us at .



Longhorn Startup Lab/”Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship” (Dr. Bob Metcalfe, Josh Baer, Ben Dyer)
MAN 337/ES 377E/EE 377E/CS 378

Longhorn Startup Seminar (Dr. Bob Metcalfe, Josh Baer, Ben Dyer)
CS 178/ES 177

Engineering Entrepreneurship (Dr. Steve Nichols)

Communication as Entrepreneurship (Bradford Love)
ADV 378/PR 378

Sociology of Creativity (Dr. John S. Butler)
SOC 321K

Startup Senior Design Project (Gary Hallock)
EE 464S

Entrepreneurial Journalism (Rosental Alves)
J 331F

Entrepreneurial Finance (M. Jansen)
FIN 374S

Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Dr. John S. Butler)
MAN 337/SOC 321K

Strategic Change & Innovation (Violina Rindova)
MAN 337

Marketing for Entrepreneurs (John Highbarger)
MKT 372


Texas Venture Labs Practicum (Robert Adams)
MAN 385/ASE 396/ME 397/EM 397/PGS 380M

Intro to Entrepreneurship (Dr. Melissa Graebner)
MAN 385

Entrepreneurial Growth (John Doggett)
MAN 385

The Enterprise of Technology (Dr. Steve Nichols)
ME 395/MAN 385/LAW 379M







For press coverage, sponsorship opportunities, or professional involvement, please email our Director at











For press coverage, sponsorship opportunities, or professional involvement, please email our Director at




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